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Fri Jun 12

Season 13 Startup

Season 13 began this week, with FC Round 1 concluding today. Here were some of the highlights.

Last season’s FC champion Asterix XI met last season’s runner-up Twelfth Men in a pivotal match between contenders. The first innings proved largely indecisive as each team scrapped for runs, with Twelfth Men bowled out for 247 and Asterix for 298 . However, the second innings proved differently as Twelfth Men were skittled out for 118, allowing Asterix a small chase and an 8-wicket victory. Australian bowler Tom Lancaster proved the difference for Asterix XI, with figures of 10 for 92.

In II.1, a stunning collapse by Batletico handed Doobie Bombers a hard-fought victory on the cusp of a looming draw. Batletico led after declaring for 360 in their first innings and bowling out the Bombers for 301. However, in their second innings, a remarkable turnaround led to Batletico being bowled out for 168. The Bombers managed to overcome their target with little time to spare and achieve a hard-fought win. Harris was easily the most dominant player in the match, with 171 and 112 (both unbeaten) to lead the Doobie Bombers to victory.

The action continues with the OD season start tomorrow and Cup Round 2 on Sunday. As well, the West Indies and the rest of BT must also elect their U-19 managers for the next two seasons. The West Indies are coming off a major victory in the U-19 World Cup and your vote could be the difference towards future success.

Sat Jun 6

Season 12 AGM – Cannell’s Guide to Battrick #3.

Minute of the Annual General Meeting of Spicy Lambburgers Cricket and Hare Coursing Club, Season 12

Directors present:
Mr Keith Miller, representative of Mr Brausen, (please refer to biography by Mr Mihir Bose for details of Mr Miller’s qualifications)
Ms Letitia ‘Titty’ Flaherty, General Secretary, Impresario
Mr Jeremiah Stanford, Financial Officer, Accountant (ret’d)
Dr Diaz Grey, Director, General Practitioner
Mr Cosimo Politan, Director, Import/Export
Mr Pooka MacPhellimey, Pooka

M. Henri Charriére, Director

Also present:
Mr Paul Cannell, Team Manager
Mr M. Lanza, secretary and minuteman


The assembled ensemble intoned the preamble – “Lord Brausen, keep away the rain, bring the sun.”

Mr Lanza was then required to recite the creed of the Lambburger minute-taker, which is:
“1. Direct treatment of the ‘thing’, whether subjective or objective.
2. To use absolutely no word that does not contribute to the presentation.
3. As regarding rhythm: to compose in sequence of the musical phrase, not in sequence of the metronome.”

Mr. Stanford was invited by Mr Miller to the podium in order to make the presentation of the club accounts with his charming Barbadian lilt. Declining to assume a false accent for the mere theatre of the occasion Mr Stanford presented the accounts in a gruff undertone with a hint of Alabama twang:

“Balance at start of season 12, £1,444,636. Balance at end of season 12 £1,981,247.” Ms. Flaherty is peering into her bag. “Outgoings during season 12, £6,869,727, of which: Academy repairs £90,000, investment in Youth Academy” Pooka MacPhellimey makes a courtly offer of his penknife to Ms Flaherty, which is accepted. “£200,000, transfer fees £4,103,689, staff costs £928,000, player salaries £1,348,038.” Mr Politan’s pencil breaks. Mr Stanford pauses politely while he sharpens it using the penknife proffered him by Ms Flaherty. Mr Politan nods. “Incomings during season 12, £7,379,778, of which Interest on Savings £1,199,458, Sponsorship £740,292, transfer fees £2,430,180,” Mr Cannell draws heavily on a Trinidad and signals for a glass of Uruguayan Tannat. “Income from one-day matches £1,242,944, income from first-class matches £970,106, income from BT20 matches” Dr Grey spits heavily on the floor, narrowly missing the club foot of the Pooka MacPhellimey; his apology is graciously accepted. “£376,946, income from cup matches £90,667, income from friendly matches £109,285, prize income £660,000. Membership of the club has risen from 1,813 members to 2,011 and we anticipate a further rise of approximately 3% as a result of the promotion of the team from FC division V” Ms Flaherty whoops, then apologises to Mr Miller. “in season 12.”

Mr Miller requested a glass of porter from the porter, and scratching his head, absently enquired after directions from the directors.

“It’s none of my business, I know, and I couldn’t care less myself.” said Dr Grey. “But we’ve invested over half a million in the academy and as far as I can see we’ve got no players in the first team from it and total sales amount to under a hundred and twenty thousand. What’s the point in persevering with it? Just to keep a stream of young boys for el Chamamé?”

As Ms Flaherty reddened and fluttered, Mr Cannel stood and said, “The academy represents the club’s best opportunity of making a sudden advance, through the sale of an excellent player swelling the coffers to enable players of quality to be attracted to the club; though admittedly it has yet to produce one. I should mention, too, that the academy has over the past 2 seasons been refurbished to a superb standard and will require funds in the order of £30,000 per annum to maintain that condition henceforth – thus the running costs will amount to no more than £350,00 per annum at a maximum. There is no doubt in my mind that it would be a false economy to divert funds from the academy at this stage where any transfer that would enhance the first team is going to cost more than £1.25 million.”

Spotting the flash of Ms Flaherty’s eyes Mr Cannell added, “Dr Grey’s reference to el Chama has, in passing, been dealt with. Didier Sebastian is no longer permitted to take promoted trainees for their initiation there, or anywhere else”

“He doesn’t go anywhere else, Pau, em, Mr Cannell”

“Is it true, Titty, that he lives in your establishment?”

“Well the girls like him and he’s popular in the bar; and it’s good to have a regular paycheck.”

“His!”, snorted Dr Grey. “Cannell you should sell him to a team in Pakistan. Have a hard time there getting……a hard time.”

Mr Politan passes a note to the Pooka, who smiles, and orders a bottle of port from the porter and a packet of Weights from the waiter.

“I propose we vote acceptance of the accounts.” Said Mr Miller, bringing his empty glass down on the table and signalling for a refill. “Perhaps a Pernod and Black for Ms Flaherty, too. A wee restorative, dear lady.”

Hands are raised unanimously, including both those of the Pooka, with the exception of Mr Trellis. Mr Politan, “Could you poke that spotty bastard, Cannell?” “I wouldn’t poke him with yours, Mr Politan.” “Oh, Pooka. Would you be so kind?”

Placing the tips of his fingers together, the Pooka lowered his eyes. Suddenly, with an almighty clump Mr Trellis flew out of his bed and smashed into the ceiling, then dropped to the floor; his right leg under him sustaining an unfortunate compound fracture. Screaming with pain, Trellis raised his hand.

“That’ll do. Unanimously accepted, thank you Mr Stanford. A large Mickey Mouse for Mr Stanford, please.” Said Mr Miller. “Now if that fat pig will stop screaming for a bit we’ll have Mr Cannell’s report.”

“A season of progress on the field and the training ground, I’m please to report.” Muffled approbation was heard from the vicinity of Mr Politan and Ms Flaherty. “Progress in the One-Day game, with a rise to 5th place in III and finally revenging ourselves on Les Miserables. Promotion from division IV in First Class unbeaten.”

“All very commendable, Cannell, what about the training. And a Bombay frog for myself, please porter” asked Dr Grey. “Would you care for something for you, Pooka?”

“Two glasses of wormwood tea would be most welcome, Doctor.”

“Mr Cannell, do go on.”

“Transfer activities: we sold two old servants, Chris Parkin and Derek Atkinson, who we felt were better suited to lower league cricket, raising £640,000, a loss of about £220,000. We also recruited then sold 2 foreign players during the course of the season, at a loss of £140,000. However one of these players underperformed significantly and the cumulative sales enabled us to strengthen the team considerably and effectively with Mark Davis, a spinning all-rounder, Samashmore, a swashbuckler who’s added spine to the middle order. In addition we invested in Danny Husbands a proficient 19 year-old destructive fast bowler who will be trained for at least another 2 seasons.”

A low moan issued from Mr Trellis which was quelled by a glance at the Pooka MacPhellimey.

“We remain in the phase of mass training, and I have decided to focus Mr Iffla’s training on batting in order to accommodate Husbands. In all 5 players plus Husbands were training in season 12 and the same 6 will continue in 13, with Otis Redding receiving half a season to boost his concentration.”

“When, pray tell Cannell, do you plan to train youngsters heavily, perhaps to international standard?” enquired Mr Politan, with agreeing nod from Dr Grey.

“I’m planning to continue with this group of trainees until the end of season 14, whereafter ahem, cough. Porter, porter! I should be able to train a batsman heavily, double netting primaries and all that malarkey.”

“It’s my opinion that two is always better than one, Mr Cannell.” Broke in the Pooka.

“Thank you, Pooka. An other reason is that by then it will be essential to train heavily when the boy is most receptive in order than his insertion may benefit the team at age 19.

Mr Miller scanned the room. Dr Grey staring ahead, both hands on his cane, Mr Politan head on elbow idling considering the rise and fall of Ms Flaherty’s chest, the Pooka re-arranging both his tails for comfort and Mr Trellis comatose on the floor.

“I suggest we move to awards then. Show of hands in approval of Mr Cannell’s efforts”

Hands were raised unanimously with the proper exceptions of Mr Cannel and myself and the improper exception of the inert Mr Trellis. Mr Trellis’ bed raised itself on end then toppled onto Mr Trellis, the headboard striking him on the forehead and raising a welt the size of a goose’s egg above his right brow. His hand moved feebly.

“That’ll do. Awards, awards! And a glass of beer, dear.” Said Mr Miller to the porter.

“Ahem. Have we a budget for the trophies?” intoned Mr Sandford in a charming Barbadian lilt.

“Yes, well, anyway, here they are:

Young player of the year – Bishop Benjamin ‘Bunny’ Burnham 10 OD wickets in his first half-season

Most improved player of the year – Avery Perfect – 295 OD runs at 59.4 and 560 FC runs.

Bowler of the year – Carlyle Wilson – with an excellent 23 OD wickets and 26 in FC

Player of the season – Otis Redding 1,072 FC and 602 OD runs. 

Players player of the season (let me open this envelope) is Didier Sebastian. I told you we shouldn’t let the academy boys vote.”

“Thank Brausen.” Now a final vote of acceptance and we can get down to el Chama. Hands!”

Smartly, with alacrity, hands are raised unanimously, with the exception of Mr Trellis, who is gibbering quietly.

“Mr Trellis?” Mr Miller enquired solicitously, and receiving no clear response. “Pooka?”

Trellis flew in a heap to the window and with a horrid thud broke through it, his howl fading to a thump as he crashed to the lawn below.

“I believe his hand was raised as he tried to grab the lintel.” Dr Grey observed.

“Splendid, that’s a yes, then. Have we food prepared, Ms Flaherty?”

“I’ve got a lovely turkey, Mr Miller, special today.”

“Grand. Will there be stuffing?”

“Once you get there, there will.”

End of minute of the Annual General Meeting of Spicy Lambburgers Cricket and Hare Coursing Club, Season 12

Sun Feb 22

The World is Not Like This – Cannell’s Guide to Battrick: Part 2

The world is not like this. You can come to Kropotkin Park in one of two ways. You can see Kropotkin Park in two ways. Empty, on a rise at the bend in the river, at the last navigable point before the rapids, industrial sheds left jumbled by a receding tide, an office block and wharves, slack water. No more than that. But come on a match-day.

Come on a match day by river, on a launch from the city, on a river taxi manned by skinny barefoot boys. Join the array of craft jamming the water, drawn in from the hinterland. The descendants of the first settlers of Spicy, Osbornes, Armstrongs, Douglasses, some Elliots and Telfers, some carrying produce with them – wool, sheepskins, whole lambs hung dancing with garlic and bright peppers, half oil-drums filled with coal. Indians tired of working off their indenture, with children and brass pots. A few Lebanese, coming to trade in barges, their women hawking trinkets in the crowd or baking bread on stone ovens. Skiffs poled by thin ancients jostle to disgorge visitors at the small dock, who queue along the wrought-iron railing to enter the ground.

The other way to come, some say the better way, is the road from the town. Once it passes the tanneries this ‘road’ becomes a rutted track. There are few cars, there is nowhere to park. So the approach resembles a flight from a war, vehicles apparently abandoned on the road-side, on the track-side, blocking the entrances to fields. A stream of walkers fix their eyes on the flag, where a black and red flag flies, the motto ‘Noli me tangere’ picked out in silver thread. Low hedges, stunted trees, market gardens by the road, often protected from hungry opportunists by farmers lads with wooden clogs, handy with cudgels. The track drops along one of the sheds and, as you reach the corner, then rises into a huge courtyard behind the turnstiles of the Brausen Arch.

Pass through the bars, the stalls selling food, walking uphill. Float with the crowd as you breast the rise and, at the top, as if it were in the crater of a volcano is a green oval, the daily toil of John Brosnihan.

The groundsman doesn’t have an office; he appears to live in a shed at the side of the ground. Inside the light’s diffused, diaphanous, iron instruments and utensils hang on pegs on the wall, mowers lurk in the shallows, the air is dusty. There’s a bench, with yellow papers on it, a stool and a cot.

Paul Cannell has an office, the only one in the office block, which is a stand on which Brausen has waggishly had painted trompe l’oeil windows. Cannell’s office is at the back of the stand, behind a short fence. It has a kind of loggia, on which he can be seen sometimes during matches, smoking a cigar and pacing or sitting with his chair tilted back, his head resting on the outer wall of the office, holding a drink.

Only Brosnihan and, more often, his assistant Lanza, visit the office socially. New players sign contracts on the low table in front of the huge leather sofa, battered and worn while Cannell sits behind, or on the oak wood table that serves as a desk. Old players are summoned for praise, advice or reprobation, rarely more than 1 visitor at a time. Sometimes they leave, and walk directly to town without looking back.

Everyone who pays a visit to the office, from the traders requesting permits, travelling salesmen in shoes shined or scabbed to the youngest trainee has an opinion on the one picture in the office.

It is, as you can see, of two people; neither of them is Cannell. Some think they have seen her dining with Cannell at La Berna. Some think the man is familiar, a Turk perhaps? Nobody leaves the office without experiencing a peculiar unease, a feeling of carnality.

Some visitors notice Cannell’s library, Lanza can tell you about the books, if you asked him what they are he would answer, “J-C Onetti, ‘A Brief Life’, William Gaddis ‘The Recognitions’, a collection of poems by Derek Walcott, two books by V.S. Naipaul and a volume of poetry by an Englishman with the unlikely name of Basil Bunting and another, of sonnets by an American called Tuckerman.”

The office door is always open when Cannell has a guest, he hooks the foot of hat-stand in front of it. When it’s closed, he may be working on another doomed project to train a batting spinner; dreaming an all-rounder with an undetectable googly and an unplayable top-spinner. You have to imagine that, from time to time he looks at the back of the door where Lanza has pinned a handwritten paper that he took from the desk. It says:

The Muslims talk of seven heavens high,
Immortal Dante describes seven hells.
But if hurl myself down seven wells
I’ll be no more. Not under earth or in the sky.

I thought of spirits sitting on a bough
Watchfully waiting for an infant birth
They could possess and once more live on earth.
Too many people, too few spirits now.

These seven shells I gathered on the strand
I’ll hurl against a rock; thus understand

By divination how to die. Should just
One break, I’ll hang. Two – shoot myself. If three
It’s poison, four drown, five dive. If it be
Six – electrics. But seven – live I must.

Sat Feb 21

OD Week 1 Random Recap

Season 12 OD Week 1, and a scattered survey of the results is highighted by a razor-thin win by Philly Bluenose over Mud Poodles, who needed four to win off the final ball, but could only manage a single.  So Philly won by two runs, with Glasser and Lucas making centuries, and Mud Puds’ Dove scoring his own ton in a losing effort.

Doctors beat Batty Men by five runs at Pathetico Village, continuing on their Locals Only Cup winning form from the end of last season.  With Douglas Peters making 96 not out, Doctors posted 269.  Peters then bowled 10 relativey tight overs of his medium pace, and his fellow Doctors bowlers just barely held off Batty Men.

The Death Kinghts’ Edwin Wheeler took seven wickets for 42 runs to lead his club over Batletico by six runs,  Kirton’s century wasn’t enough for Batletico, who had a large total to chase due to The Death Knights’ keeper-captain Simba Fuller’s 86.

Ashuelot Valley’s Alexander Vuyani took seven for 38 against Les Miserables.  With Qualiey’s 120, Les Mis still set a good total of 225.  But Ashuelot chased it down easily, with Van Zy making 91.

Tommy Silk top-scored in Peters Utd’s match with The Flintstones with 160 not out, but it was not enough to stave off defeat.  Jerrell Dempster lead the run-chase for The Flintstones with an unbeaten 148, and the target was reached with an over to spare.

Wed Feb 18

Chrisafi new Windies NT manager

Receiving nearly half of the votes cast (39 of 82 total votes), and 29 votes ahead of runner-up Timberlake, Chrisafi has been elected West Indies NT manager.

Complete election results:

1 chrisafi 39 votes
2 timberlake 10 votes
3 Estuary_English 8 votes
4 OgtheDim 6 votes
5 Belladonna 5 votes
6 phwsman 5 votes
7 bledlowcc 2 votes
8 *Tyler* 1 votes
9 Arthas 1 votes
10 colliewest 1 votes
11 Income 1 votes
12 jerome12 1 votes
13 JonnyAdams 1 votes
14 uptowndan 1 votes

The World is What it is – Cannell’s Guide to Battrick: Part 1

The world is what it is. I could describe the town viewed from the southern hills above the river. A square with a statue not of the founder, mounted on a heavy charger facing south, away from the sea, the river and the events of the town’s early history; colonnaded on one side, the cathedral dedicated to the local saint. Along the river sprawl the wharves and fishermen’s shacks, and in the distance, beyond the Dutch colony, the new shipyard, that even now, some are calling “Petrus’ Folly”. At the bend in the river, where it slackens before the rocks, boys swim, smoke, and make unkeepable vows in solemn mendacity to slow-eyed girls whose small breasts press against the cotton of checked blouses, this year’s fashion. Anybody could draw a map, find their way to the covered market whose stones retain the damp reek of rotting vegetables, fish and urine; find the chemist Barthé, at the café watching children tormenting one of their number with an abstracted fascination.

A Spicy Lambburger

I could tell the story of the founding of Spicy. The spoiling of the land between one country and another and the difficult journey to a country, split by a river, of which it was said “the south is for Argentina and the north for Brazil.

“The ploughland has gone to bent
and the pasture to heather;
gin the goodwife stint,
she’ll keep the house together.

Gin the goodwife stint
and the bairns hunger
the Duke can get his rent
one year longer.

The Duke can get his rent
and we can get our ticket
twa pund emigrant
on a C.P.R. packet.”

I could iterate the difficulties of raising flocks in a pampas, burdened by the nostalgia “To see the bracken choke the clod the coulter will na turn? The bit level neebody will drain soak up the burn?”. The dissonance of languages, Saxon, Spanish and a pidgin derived from work, misery and deprivation. It’s easy to describe economy of Spicy, in a country that is a source, transit, and destination country for men, women, and children trafficked for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation and forced labour could be dissected, the role of the police described, the attitude of the Dutch, who may be the prime beneficiaries, the role played by the descendants of the original Lambburgers, or some of them.

Nobody would believe that a Spanish-speaker with a woman’s name, Juan-Maria Brausen, caused the town council to found and fund a cricket club named for the descendants of a depopulated land denuded of trees since their ancestors first used iron tools on Brough Law. Far less could it be credible that Brausen would trust a man with a name like an imprecation, met in a bar, the former manager of a nightclub moored on a derelict staithes, to take charge of his fabulous enterprise.

Wed Feb 11

Season 12 Preview

For Season 12, NYC finally gets his shot at West Indies OD League I.1.  He won an OD Div. II league against the likes of Philly_Bluenose, The Death Knights, and Batletico, and thus will face all the big boys, such as Borderliners, Asterix XI, Badlands, and Season 11 champs NorCricket United.  Mud Poodles, Peters Utd, The Flintstones, and Twelfth Men round out the league.

The restructured six-team FC Championship is headed by last season’s victor, Asterix XI, who seem to have taken a liking to first-class cricket.  CC of Termination and Cook County Cricket Club earned promotion, and join Twelfth Men, Borderliners, and Rovers Town.

The West Indies Cup was won by NorCricket United, for the fourth time in that team’s great history.  Tythe Barn CC, stuck in OD League III, went a giant-killing streak and reached the final, but could not overcome the north wind of NorCricket.

The BT20 competition has been revamped, and has again become an international enterprise, albeit with a new league structure.  The top flight consists of 12 teams from all over the Battrick globe.  Only The Death Knights have found their way into the top flight from the Caribbean after their BT20-winning run in Season 11, which saw them knock off The Resurrectionists, NorCricket United, Saint Barth Blondes, Rovers Town, and Borderliners in succession — a mind-boggling run of results.  In Season 12, they will have to contend with strong international teams like South Africa’s Evil Empire and, perhaps the favorites to take the title, England’s Ladbroke Rovers.

And finally, The Locals Only Cup.  For Season 12, the LOC will commence as usual the Sunday after the West Indies Cup Final.  It will begin with a Group Phase, followed by quarter-finals, semis, and the ever-prestigious LOC Final.  Favorites will include Season 11 runner-up Carib Beer XI, and Season 11 LOC Champion Doctors, whose logo below is sure to strike a darkly ironic chord with their opponents.

Sun Nov 30

Pakistan Series Report from West Indies U19 manager Windies.

Game 1 @ Gaddafi Stadium, Pakistan - 25/11/08

Following a disappointing lost again England the previous week, the lads from the Caribbean landed in Pakistan a few days early to get themselves accustom to the playing and weather conditions.

After winning the toss, WI Youth Captain Forrester sent Pakistan in to bat on a flat pitch. After starting the match with a maiden from Desouza, Robins struck next over as he dismissed Abid for only 5. Running high on emotion, the bowlers tried hard in difficult conditions but it was the Pakistani batsmen who soldiered on for a 149 2nd wicket partnership (with Ibrahim and Nasir both scoring half centuries) before Tito broke up the pair in the 37th Over by getting Ibrahim to glove one behind to Lock. A few overs later, Desouza dismissed Wajahatullah, Zaheer and Nasir in the 41st, 43rd and 45th overs respectively before Wheeler dismissed Tameezuddin and Ikramullah in consecutive overs. Going for his first 5 wicket haul, Desouza then struck in the 49th over by having Irshadullah out LBW. Alas, it was not to be as he finished with figures of 10-1-44-4 and more importantly restricting Pakistan to a low total of 224/8 off their quota of 50 innings.

The Windies started off their chase with a lovely 6 by Forrester before he was quickly removed in the same over. 6/1 soon went to 8/2 after Wheat was robbed off a diving catch by Ikramullah in the 3rd Over for a score of 1. Alongside the in-form opener Joost, solid middle-order batsman Wessels then came to the crease with some rebuilding work to do. It wasn’t long after that Wessels posted his 3rd half century in fine fashion by scoring his runs to all quarters of the stadium. Reaching the score of 55, he was then dismissed by a debatable decision of caught behind. With pressure mounting on the Windies, North then entered with a score of 104/3 to continue the Windies fight. After scoring his 2nd U19 half century from only 54 balls, Joost lost his wicket for 66 and saw the Windies youths at 151/4 at the end of the 30th over. North quickly stepped up to his role as the senior batsman alongside WK/batsman Lock as they brought up the 200 at the start of the 41st Over. The manager’s son then went on to score his 3rd U19 half century before loosing his partner by an excellent delivery from Gul with the scores level at 224. With the scores now level at the start of the 45th Over, North then ended the game in fine style by smashing a 4 to the covers to stay unbeaten at 62 and handing the West Indies U19 their 3rd victory of the season and a move upwards to 7th place in the U19 Rankings.

There was serious consideration for Desouza with his 4 wicket haul, but in the end it was decided that Joost be awarded MOTM for his solid knock opening the innings.

Game 2 @ Sabina Park, Jamaica - 26/11/08

Following their high of defeating Pakistan for the first time since Season 5, the Windies youths again won the toss and sent in Pakistan to bat on an uneven pitch. Taking advantage of the pitch, Desouza and Duplessis dismissed Naumanullah and Shafiq respectively to have the tourists on the ropes at 7/2 after 2 overs. In the 5th over, Desouza then delivered a damaging blow to the tourists after he dismissed Wajahatullah to have the Pakistan U19 at 15/3. Abid and Haleem then posted a 60 run partnership before Wheeler dismissed Haleem for 37 off a magnificient catch by Lock. Wheeler then claimed the wicket of Aqdus to put the Windies youths in a commanding position. With economical bowling from Sattaur, Tito then picked up the wicket of Ilyas to have the tourists struggling at 126/6 at the end of the 37th over. the highlight of the day however came as the race to 5 wickets between Desouza and Wheeler started at the beginning of the 41st Over. A magnificent double hat-trick from Desouza ended any hopes of the Pakistan U19 to post a respectable total as they were bowled out for 134.

Wanting to prove his versatillity, Wessels opened the innings with Joost in sterling form. They both carried on to give the Windies a commanding position at 81/0 before Wessels gave away his wicket for only 34 runs. An out of-form Lobo then entered to prove that he was still worthy of being selected to the first XI after being dropped in the first game. Batting hero from the previous game, Joost, then scored his 3rd half century and in that giving the Windies youths a score of 93/1 after 17 overs. It wasn’t long after that he finished off the game with a classy 4 to remain unbeaten on 79 and handing the West Indies U19 Team it’s first series sweep over another team since Season 5. The win also saw the Windies youths with a 4-2 record for the season.

Unlike the previous day, Desouza’s bowling spell of 5-0-16-6 easily won him the Man of the Match Award and the Man of the Series Award.

Next up is Australia vs West Indies on 9/12/08.
Thu Aug 28

West Indies under 19s Vs Sri Lanka under 19s

Game 1


The 1st One Day International between West Indies under 19s and Sri Lanka under 19s was contested at Asgiriya Stadium in Sri Lanka on a Sunny Day. The Windies won the toss and decided to let the visitors have 1st use of a dusty track.

Tennakoon and Hettiarachichi took to the middle in confident mood the pair put on a solid opening stand of 65 before   Hettiarachchiwas brilliantly caught behind by Roland Seaby off the bowling of Greg Fraser for a well made 39 of just 35 balls. Faakir strolled to the crease and him and Tennakoon added just 14 runs before Faakir was dismissed in similar fashion to the 1st wicket bowled Fraser caught Seaby for 7.

The next partnership brought magic to this match Tennakoon and Biyatris put on a stand of 161 for the 3rd wicket a Sri Lankan record. Tennakoon fell on 97 while Biyatris made an amazing 124* to help his side reach a very good total of 292-4. Pick of the Windies bowlers was Fraser with 2-71.

Openers Dindath Hudson and Roland Seaby needed a solid start for their side but that is not what they got with just 1 and the board Hudson was dismissed for just 1. Roland Seaby and Carlyle Gill steadied the ship with both hitting 50s the score reached 116-3 before Didier Shaw and Chris Hook joined each other at the wicket the pair hit brilliant 50s and lead there side to a memorable win off the last ball with both hitting scores of 89 and 90*.

MOTM- Chris Hook

Result-West Indies under 19s win by 7 wickets.


Game 2    


The 2nd One Day International was played at Sabina Park with the series currently standing at 1-0 the the Windies the visitors needed to win to square the series and the Windies where looking for there 1st series win. Sri Lanka won the toss and decided to bowl 1st but with the very 1st ball of the match Windies opener Dindath Hudson was caught behind 1st ball of the bowling of Paris for 0.

Roland Seaby and Carlyle Gill put on 68 for the 2nd wicket before Seaby was trapped LBW for 26 by Millanda Gill was joined by Didier Shaw and the pair enjoyed a good partnership in the end Gill reached his 100 and Shaw passed his 50 in the end the Windies suffered a late collapse and reach a poor total off 226-9.

Sri Lanka knew that they would win if they played properly and a good opening stand of 24 to set them on their way Polonowita and Lakmal both hit 50s as the visitors reached 160-1 that soon turned to 160-3 but they never looked back in the end they reached 230-4 to win by 6 wickets and square the series at 1-1.


Series Result-West Indies under 19s 1-1 Sri Lanka under 19s.

Next up is the World Cup in Pakistan. Join me for match reviews straight after every Windies match. Good luck to all teams Specially the WINDIES!

By Nottz_Man

Wed Aug 20

West Indies under 19s Vs South Africa under 19s.

Coming off the back of a very Credible 1-1 series draw with New Zealand the West Indies under 19s where feeling very confident about taking a win or 2 from this series with the South Africans.

Game 1


On a partially cloudy and humid day at Sabina Park South Africa under 19s skipper Marc Ridgwell won the toss and decided to have a bowl on a Hard and Fast track. Openers Dindath Hudson and Roland Seaby strolled out to the middle knowing that if they are to win they need a good score on the board.

Seaby set out in good Fashion striking an early boundary to continue his good form also Hudson was making inroads into the Proteas opening bowlers. The pair both brought up their 50s in good style. On 105 the partnership was broken as Hudson Dragged onto his stumps off the bowling of Gerry Ward for a well made 57 off 58 balls.

Carlyle Gill joined Seaby at the crease and the pair put on 100 before Seaby was cleaned bowled by Captain Marc Ridgwell. For 77. Gill continued to make progress but gill was easing towards a 100 he was brilliantly caught by Brazier of Paul for 99. Didier Shaw 45 off 31 balls to lead the hosts to 285-3.

The South African openers knew they needed a good start from openers Wayne McVeigh and Nigel Zibonele. And that is what they got the pair got themselves to 96-0 before McVeigh was caught in the slips by Hudson of the bowling of Clyde Taggart for 55. Another good stand from Zibonele and Banks saw them to 155-1 until they lost Zibonele for 67 stumped by Roland Seaby off Nathaniel Claire for 67. Then they lost 5 wickets for 15 runs to leave them at 193-7 and from there it was a tall order and they where eventually bowled out for 220. Taggart the pick pf the bowlers with 3-43.

MOTM=Carlyle Gill.

Result= West Indies under 19s win by 65 runs.

Game 2


With South Africa needing to win this match Captain Hook of the Windies won the toss and decided to bat.

Hook and boss Lowellmason had decided to give him a chance to open with Crabb to see how he’d do. They put on an excellent 133 for the 1st wicket before Crabb was trapped Lbw by Tretton for 77 13 runs later hook was caught by tenius for 62 a good innings to start his top order batting at. The Windies battled hard and in the end they made 260-3 was it enough.

If South Africa did the basics well then they should win they out on 108 for the 1st wicket and from there they never looked back a brilliant 100 by McVeigh lead them to a 9 wicket win. The pick of the bowlers for the Windies was Robson with 0-35 good tight bowling.


Man of the series voted by Nottz_Man=McVeigh A Magnificent 118 in game 2 saw his side get a 1-1 series draw.

Series result=Windies 1-1 Proteas.

By Nottz_man

Thu Aug 7

West Indies under 19s Vs Australia under 19s

Game 1


On a windy day at Sabina Park for this 1st One Day International the hosts won the toss and decided to send the Aussies in.

In a rapid start for the tourists the to openers Darren Hearn and Kieran Bullock both passed 50 in quick time with the Windies bowlers all over the place they needed a break threw so Didier Shaw turned to star spinner Dessie Robson, But even Robson could not stop the rot. Both openers made a 100 as the Aussies piled on the runs.

The partnership was eventually broken on 217 when Hearn was trapped lbw by Harrison for 122. One quickly became 2 as new batsmen Horrigan was caught by Captain Shaw of the Bowling of Taggart for just 7 this left the tourists on 238-2, but some big hitting by Bullock towards the end saw them finish on 278-2  The pick of the bowlers for the Windies was Bolla 0-43 of his 10.

The West Indies openers needed a good start and that’s not what they got, in form Roland Seaby was dismissed for 0 leaving the score at 1-1 they never really recovered from there only Carlyle Gill [86] and Chris Hook [44] where the only notable contributions to the run chase in the end the West Indies were all out for 185. Rogan picked up 3-23

Result: Australia under 19s wins by 88 runs.

MOTM: Bullock.




Game 2

Game 2 of this series was contested in humid conditions at the Adelaide oval. Australia won the toss and elected to field.

The Windies openers walked out knowing that a better performance was needed with the bat in this game if they wanted to tie up the 2 game series.

A good start saw Openers Didier Shaw and Franklyn Benjamin reach 41 before Benjamin was run out for 18. The Windies reached 88-4 before losing their last 6 wickets cheaply and they were all out for just 144. Dumisani claimed 3-21.

Australia knew that if they did all the basics right they would win this game but an early set back saw them 11-1 when Gerrie was caught by Fraser of the bowling of Bolla for just 1 but any hopes of a win was dashed. A brilliant 63 not out by Horrigan saw the Aussies home by 7 wickets to give them a 2-0 series victory.

Result: Australia under 19s wins by 7 wickets.

MOTM: Horrigan.

Series Result: Australia under 19s win the series 2-0.

Mon Jul 28

West Indies Under 19s Vs Pakistan Under 19s

Game 1


The 1st match of this series was played at Stadium, Gaddafi in Pakistan in very humid conditions. Windies skipper Didier Shaw did something that he is not used to doing he returned from the toss to tell his side that he had won the toss and that he had decided to have a bowl.

Malik and Rahim put on a slow but effective opening stand of 41 before Malik was behind of caught the bowling of Hardiker, The Windies would have hoped that this wicket would spur them on for more but Alam joined Rahim at the crease and blasted his way to 50 but the partnership was broken on 92 as Rahim was brilliantly caught and bowled off Taggart to leave the hosts 133-2, Hameez also hit a 50 but could not kick on. They ended on 245-10.

The Windies openers needed a good start and they did not get it. Kim fowler was dismissed for just 4 he was stumped off the bowling off Mianad. Benjamin also fell to mianad lbw for 13. The Windies reached 129-3 with floors and constable hitting 50s but 129-3 was soon 139-10   I dramatic collapse meant that the tourists lost 7 wickets for 10 runs. Fahimuddin was the pick of the bowlers with 4-35.

Result-Pakistan under 19s win by 106 runs.

MOTM= Alam.

Game 2      

With the Windies needing to win to tie the series they did not start to well with Pakistan winning the toss and putting the Windies into bat.

Dindath Hudson and Roland Seaby put on an opening stand of 159 before Hudson was brilliantly run out for 74. Del Casper joined Seaby at the wicket and continued where Hudson left off hitting 57 off 49 balls Seaby also made 101 to give him his 2ndcentury in as many games he is a man in form!. The Windies ended on 270-2 a very good total.

With 271 needed for victory the Pakistan openers needed a good start and boy that’s what they did. Shahid and Rahim both looked so good at the wicket and both raced there way to 50s in quick time. From there on then there was only one winner both men brought up there 100s as Pakistan reached 271-0 with 10 balls left to spare. A real disappointment for the Windies bowlers after the batsmen did such as good job.

Series Result-2-0 Pakistan


Sun Jul 20

West Indies Under 19s Vs England Under 19s

Game 1

Sabina Park played host to the 1st One Day International between West Indies and England under 19s. With overcast conditions looming for the day Kevin Bolder won the toss and decided that he would have a bowl.

Openers   Dindanth Hudson and Roland Seaby both went out there and showed a positive attitude towards the England bowlers both bringing up the half century’s in quick time both hitting some good fours off Woodbridge and Dowdall. The partnership was broken on 134 when Hudson was run out after a horrible call from his partner Seaby sent him back to the pavilion for a well made 77 of 98 balls. This wicket was what England needed could they follow it up?

New batsmen Gaz Lee and Roland Seaby continued to cause England Pain with another Century Stand that once again put England on the back foot. The stand of 107 was eventually broken when Lee was caught slashing at one outside off stump and he edged to slip for a well made 42.Seaby kept going and brought up his Century the next over by smashing a 4 what a way to get there. He was joined at the crease by skipper Didier Shaw put he only added one before he was bowled by Dowdall, The captains dismissal lead to a battrick collapse as 3 wickets where taking for just 13 runs that meant that the West Indies Under 19s Ended on 260-6 after there 50 over’s. The stand out was Roland Seaby he ended on 127 not out, to give his side a good total. 

England’s openers walked out to bat knowing that they would have to work had for the runs that they had been set by the Windies. Openers Austin Saville and Eugene Daley set out in the same way as the Windies Openers Opening up with a stand of 88 but like the Windies they fell to a bit of poor calling witch resulted with Daley being run out for 57 of 53 balls. Barry Connor walked out thinking him and Saville could put on a stand to win the match but that was not to be Connor took a single and very next ball Taggert Struck with the prize wicket of Saville for 29. The tourist went from 88-0 to 88-2 in one over. That led to a few wickets to leave England 230-5 When Bloomfield was caught behind of Fraser by Seaby for 54 but a wonderful knock of 74 not out by skipper Kevin Bolder saw the tourists home by 2 wickets.     

Claire was the pick pf the bowlers with 3 wickets.

Kevin Bolder MOTM  

Game 2

The 2nd ODI between England and West Indies under 19s was contested on a hot sunny day at the Oval. Just like Sabina Park England Captain Jack Claire won the toss and sent Didier Shaw and his side into bat.

A new opening partnership Between Kim Fowler Didier Shaw took to the crease but it did not pay off with only 3 on the board captain Shaw was dismissed by his opposite number Jack Claire for only 1 to leave the Windies 3-1. They were 2 down when Kieran Pouton cleaned bowled Gaz lee for 7 to leave the visitors 33-2. Wickets continued to tumble only Kim fowler put up any resistance going to his 50 while his partners tumbled. With the score on 151 he was caught by Hartmann of Tolley for a well made 89. The Windies lost 4 wickets for 15 runs as they where bowled out for 216.

Pouton was the pick of the bowlers with 5 wickets.

The England openers walked out knowing that if they did the basics right they would win. They put on a good opening stand of 69 before Sailsbury was caught behind off Claire for 20. With the score at 145-2 England looked in control until they lost 3 wickets for 6 runs to leave them 151-5 but a fine partnership between Bloomfield and Pouton saw the hosts home with 28 balls to spare. The chase was all down to a wonderful knock at the top by Austin Saville leading by example to give his side a 2-0 series win over the Windies.


MOTM-Pouton for taking 5 wickets and scoring a vital 30 not out to see his side home.

Well done England Hard Luck Windies Better luck next time.     


Nottz_man   Next week Windies vs Pakistan 

Mon Jul 14

West Indies U19 vs India U19

Game 1

2509 people travelled to the Sardar Patel Stadium to watch India U19 take on the visiting West Indies U19. The home side won the toss and put Didier Shaw and his team in to bat.

Just 36 runs in, India had their first wicket. Roland Seaby was caught behind by Chaman Mohammed of the bowling of Adnan Islam. He had hit 25 of the runs so far.

Kim Fowler and Dinanath Hudson rebuilt the innings and Fowler completed his fifty. But, with his score on 52, he was stumped by Mohammed after being lured out of his crease by Chittanranjan Ali, the demon spinner. Just nine runs later, a similar ball was bowled by Ali and Mohammed got rid of Hudson with some nice keeping.

Del Casper yidn’t get into his tride and he was caught by Mahesh Moodley after he spooned a Gurudutt Haishen ball.

But captain Shaw and number six batsman Chris Hook both got fifties in a 90 run partnership. In the end, West Indies finished on a respectable 258-4.

Kanha Moodley and Maheepati Haishen, twin brother of the bowler, walked out confidently to bat. But 18 runs in, they were both back in the pavilion. Moodley was dispatched for 3 after some brave keeping by Seaby. He decided to stand up to the Medium pacer Junior Bolla and he got a terrific stumping. Haishen was dispatched for 10 after being run out.

A huge third wicket partnership of 176 got India back into the match. Wicketkeeper Mohammed and Ojas Islam raced past their fifties. Islam was finally out for 80 after Shaw caught him in the deep off Troy Harrison.

Mohammed found himself batting with his twin brother Ramamuja. However, Mohammed went seven runs later after completing his century.

Mohammed and Kanha Moodley’s twin brother Mahesh (there were four pairs of twins in the India side) got the target total with a whole over to spare.

Game 2

There was a grim determination in the West Indian dressing room before the rematch at Sabina Park. Captain Shaw came back from the toss to tell the team that they were fielding.

It wasn’t a good start for West Indies. India had 82 runs on the board when Harrison’s consistent bowling was rewarded after his quickest ball so far hit Maheepati Haishen’s stumps.

Wicketkeeper Mohammed hit another fifty after Kanha Moodley had completed his. Then Moodley fell with 150 runs on the board, with 90 of those being his.

Ojas Islam and Mohammed put on 75 before Mohammed was bowled by Dessie Robson. 9 runs were added before one of the fifth pair of twins, Abhay Singh lali fell.

Islam and Ravindra Naidoo saw out the innings as India posted 259-4.

It was a similar score to the West Indian score in the first match. The line up was unchanged.

Once again, it was Seaby who fell first. He had hit 31 before he was caught.

Fowler hit 27 before he was caught as well, but West Indies had gone up to 120. At this point, however, they were down on the required run rate.

Shaw came in and put on ninety with Hudson, who finally went for 112 in a brilliant innings. That sparked a mini collapse, with three wickets falling for three runs. That left Bolla, along with Shaw, to get the 18 runs needed to win.

They scored sensibly and soon they need two to win. Shaw was facing and he pumped the ball for four to give LowellMason a taste of victory. Shaw ended on a fantastic 74 not out but the star of the show was Hudson for his vital century.

Next week: West Indies U19 vs England U19

Mon Jul 7

6th Locals Only Cup Shaping Up

The 6th Locals Only Cup will commence the Sunday after the West Indies Cup competition finishes.  Round 1 of the LOC will be played Sunday, August 10th, and sign-ups are now occurring in the Battrick Friendlies sledging board.

LOC History

Season 5: Borderliners defeated Cow Shot Corner XI

Season 6: Rovers Town defeated Batletico

Season 7: Norse Athletic Club defeated Batletico

Season 8: Cow Shot Corner XI defeated Tythe Barn CC

Season 9: Strike CC defeated Carib Beer XI